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4 Good Reasons To Hire A Lawn Care Company

Sometimes, we write posts about DIY lawn maintenance. But what if you don’t have the time or resources to produce a great lawn? Of course, you still want an immaculate lawn. But you may not want to put in the time or physical effort in doing so. In that case, there are a number of great lawn care companies and contractors that can help you out. Though we may be biased, because you can buy our Austin lawn care services, we’ve learned a lot about lawn care service in Orlando, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia, and there are some solid reasons to hire a good lawn professional. Here are 4 reasons you should hire a lawn care company:

1. Save time

Perhaps the biggest reason to hire a lawn care company is the time you’ll save. Look at it this way. If you want to DIY, here’s a time break down. First, you’ll have to spend several hours planning on researching what exactly your lawn needs. The articles on our site alone will take you a few hours of intense reading (not to mention the outstanding amount of information available elsewhere). Then, you’ll need to invest the time to drive out to a couple different stores to buy equipment, fertilizer, seed, and whatever else you need. Finally, you’ll have the recurring (probably weekly) time commitment of mowing and maintaining your lawn. Now calculate the time it takes to call up a lawn care company or to get a quote on our website. It’s certainly a contrast.

2. Expertise

Even if you do want to focus a large amount of time on your lawn, there’s no insurance that you won’t mess it up. It’s like that old adage that you should always pay people to do what you can’t (paraphrased). WebMD is brilliant (though pretty nerve wracking), but I’ll always trust a doctor to get it right. Sometimes I think I could do the job of a lawyer, but if the stakes were high I’d surely hire one to help me out. People hire experts for a reason. Experts know what they’re doing. Hiring a lawn care company is a great reason to expect better than average results directly because of their knowledge and expertise.

3. Cost

Lawn care companies subsidize their overhead with the volume of work they do. In other words, because you don’t have to care for hundreds of lawns, its inconvenient and overly expensive for you to purchase most of the professional grade equipment and supplies that are standard with lawn care companies. Lawn care and landscaping contractors can procure equipment loans, paying them off incrementally through contracting work. For you to equal the quality of a lawn care company on your own, you’d have to purchase the equivalent of a power aerator, a rake (Landscape, Thatching, and Lawn & Leaf), slit spreaders, a leaf blower, a leaf vacuum, leaf tarps, and of course, a push or ride mower. Of course, you can get the manual/residential version of some of these, but to truly equal the power and performance of lawn care companies, you’d have to spend a fortune. So in most cases, you’re actually saving money by spending it on a lawn care company.

4. Liability

Any good lawn care contractor will be licensed and insured, meaning you won’t have to worry about liability (make sure they are, otherwise you could be liable for their injuries or damage). This means you won’t have to worry about proper storage of fertilizers and other pesticides, nor will you have to worry about applying these chemicals or disposing of them. When done incorrectly by an inexperienced individual, these chemicals can have potentially dangerous effects on the environment. In addition, professionals are allowed to handle some chemicals that are simply not allowed in most consumers hands.

Some folks simply enjoy working on their lawn. If that’s you, by all means, keep up the good work. One can experience a great pride in manual physical labor, especially if that labor results in the beautiful production of a pristine lawn. If you’d rather save the time, money, and stress, hiring a lawn care company might be the best decision. Have you hired an LCO in the past? What was your experience like?



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