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Frequently Asked Lawn Maintenance Questions

What are your days of operation?
Lawn Services: Sunday – Friday
Office Operation: Sunday - Friday.
Closed on Saturday.

Do you offer affordable lawn mowing?
Yes. We like to think so. We focus on low overhead and efficient routes to keep our cost to you as low as we possibly can without sacrificing quality or reliability. Pricing starts at $25 per cut depending on the size of your yard. We are happy to provide you with a quote specific to your property. Please contact us or request a quote to do so.  
How do I request an estimate?
Fill out the estimate request form from the link on the home page, or send us an email, call, or text us at 414-215-9067 with your request. All we need is your name, email, phone number, and address, as well as what service you are interested in.
Do you offer quotes over the phone?
Yes. In most cases, you can receive an estimate within minutes. We use a Google software to measure your lawn's square footage to determine your price.
However, for most of our services, we will need to stop by your property to be able to get you an accurate quote. Thanks for understanding.
What is included in the price?
Mowing the lawn, trimming, and blowing off paved areas. String trimming inside landscape beds is landscape maintenance and is not included as a part of lawn mowing service. Edging is highly encouraged and is offered at an additional cost depending on the size of the landscape. 

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards with our contactless payment system and keep them on file using our secure partner Stripe.

How does billing work?

At the point of completing your service, we will send you a photo confirmation that our work has been completed. Within 24-48 hours your payment will be processed based on the information you have on file and you will receive an invoice by email. 

When is my payment due?

Your card will only be charged when you approve a service after it's been completed. You can expect a 24-72 hour time period for payment processing after an approved service. 

Can you still service my back yard if my dog is in the backyard and he does not bit or he is chained up?
Due to the safety of all personnel and your pet(s), we cannot service the back yard if your pets are not secured in the house.

Am I responsible for removing any items in my yard prior to service?
Yes. It's best to remove all items in your yard for safety and protection. For example: kids toys, water hoes, cookout broilers, above ground yard sprinklers, dog chains, and all small unseen items. YardBarberz will not be held liable for damages to items left in your yard. Also, there are additional charges applied if we have to remove dog poop from your yard before servicing it. 

What if I cancel my service the same day of my scheduled service day?
Cancellation made on the same day as scheduled services will receive a late cancellation fee of $25.00. Service must be canceled the day before services in order to prevent this charge.

Do I need to be home to get an estimate or when you perform my service?
No. Since we only perform outdoor work, there is no need for you to be home.  If you know we are coming on a particular day, please make sure your gates are unlocked and pets are inside if applicable. Thank you.


Will the same crew service my lawn each week?
Yes. We are a small business and each crew has dedicated routes. Please feel free to say hi and introduce yourself. Our crew would love to meet you!

Does your lawn mowing service have a guarantee?
Absolutely! A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy with our mowing service and we cannot make it right, we will return payment for services not yet rendered with no questions asked.
Since El-amin Abdullah, the owner of YardBarberz, is on every job, there is little to no chance you will be disappointed with the quality or professionalism of our services.

What if it rains on the day scheduled for service?
Depending on the amount of rain, it may be delayed a few hours on your normal mowing day or be rescheduled to the next business day.  We are used to re-working our schedule depending on the weather.


Can I request my lawn be cut on a certain day of the week?
We do our best to accommodate requests. However, for scheduling reasons, we assign your lawn mowing service based on our service routes and what area of the city we are at on a particular day. Thank you for understanding!

Can we request our service to be performed at a certain time?
Due to the nature of our business dealing with several variables, we are not able to accommodate time of day requests.


What if it rains for three whole days in a week?
If we are unable to mow for an extended period of time, we may need to skip the lawn mowing for that week. Our equipment can handle cutting longer grass if needed. You will not be charged anything additional for the extra work to get your lawn back in shape.
What if it has not rained and the grass is not growing as fast?
We will skip your lawn mowing if it is not needed on any given week due to lack of growth.

What if I am out of town on the day that I’m serviced?
That is no problem. Our invoices are very detailed and we are happy to supply before and after photos of each service upon request.

Can I request a lower mowing height?
We cut our lawns at 3.75″. This is the ideal height for grass to be cut in our area to keep it healthy and looking good!


If you have any other questions please contact us:
Contact Us

Frequently Asked Snow Removal Questions

What are your days and hours of operation?

Snow Removal: Sun-Sat

Is snow removal YardBarberz primary business?

YardBarberz only concentrates on Snow Removal during the winter season.

Do you carry liability insurance? How much are you covered for?

Yes, we carry a 3 million dollar policy.

How do you charge for your snow removal services?

We offer a per event (per push) price that is an individual charge for each visit to the site. Prices are also based upon the size of the property, what we service(sidewalks, walkways, driveway, and parking slap or lot), and if salt is applied. 

Are there additional charges for heavy snow falls?
Our snow removal prices are based upon snow accumulation. 

What time of day will your property be cleared?
As a rule, we dispatch our crews when the snow stops falling. 

What type of snow removal equipment do you use? Do you hand-shovel sidewalks or use a machine?

Sidewalk services can either be done by hand or with the use of machines (snow blowers). Driveways and Parking Slab, depending on size can be done with a snow blower or a plow. Ultimately, the type of machine is dependent upon the type of site and client needs. 


Do I need to call you, or will you automatically come out when the snow on the ground reaches a certain level?
Our service response times and triggers depend upon each clients contractual needs. Be assured that we will exceed your expectations and at a minimum provide the services obligated in our contract.

How often will you remove the snow at my address during the times when there's a heavy snowfall?

Each client has different requirements based upon their contract and their business needs. Be assured that we have the personnel and equipment to handle any of our clients’ needs.

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