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Summer is almost here and that means a new season for us to keep your lawn "fresh and faded". At Yardbarberz we are committed to continuing to enhance your experience with us. With that being said, we want to start by thanking you for your patronage and continuing to allow us to earn your business.


Starting early next week you will no longer have to wonder "when are you guys coming?". We are now going to send out messages on Sundays to notify you if your lawn is scheduled to be cut that week. The message will read something like: "Hey Mr. Jonson, the Yardbarberz team will be by on Wednesday to get your lawn fresh and faded." A few things to note that about this process:

  • Your day may change due to weather (for example a rainy day). If that happens, you will be notified of the change day as a result.

  • You are always able to cancel with a quick response. If you plan to cancel we ask you to do so 24 hours in advance of your cut day.

  • If you have an emergency cut that you need, you can always call us and we will do our best to add you to a week where you may not be scheduled.​

These message reminders are a beginning to enhancing your experience with us throughout the summer. Again sending gratitude in your direction, and appreciate your business!

With a fresh lawn in mind,

El-Amin and the team at Yardbarberz

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